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A Few Great Residential Neighborhoods in Miami

So, you’re interested in moving to Miami. Well let’s be honest, who isn’t? If you are serious, however, you’ll need to start considering which of Miami’s vibrant neighborhoods is right for you. Consider the following five choices, and contact Bryan Halda for a variety of properties located in each.   Downtown Miami The... more

The Best Parts about Living in Miami Beach

For many people, actually living in Miami Beach is nothing more than an impossible dream. How can a life of such luxury, such pleasure and natural beauty, be possible every day of the year? The truth is, people make Miami Beach their new home every day, and there is no... more

The South Beach Condo Market Is Hot

Living in Miami for the last 17 years, Bryan Halda has an intimate knowledge of the area and it’s attractive real estate. Of course, many parts of South Florida are experiencing an incredible boom in growth and investment, so when it comes time to decide where to live or invest,... more

Condo Construction is Back On The Rise in South Florida

A rush of condominiums is rising once again on the South Florida horizon. Dozens of high-rise construction projects are currently underway, with many more being proposed. Demand is high and supply is low, and as is the case of late in South Florida, overseas investors are pouring capital into the... more

Miami Beach Convention Center: A Key Opportunity for Development

The controversy surrounding the Miami Beach Convention Center redevelopment rages on, with a recent court ruling putting a snag in the South Beach-ACE plan. The importance of a first-class convention center in Miami is obvious for such a popular and desirable travel destination. As the frustrating debate continues, let us... more

The South Florida Pre-Construction Craze

Recent years have brought significant changes to the way developers finance property construction. In the past, real estate developers utilized pre-construction, also referred to as off plan property, to raise money from early investors before building. The use of this tactic resulted in more up-front funding for projects, and consequently,... more